Where innovation is our No. 1 goal

Published Jan. 07, 2020
Updated Oct. 18, 2021


Nowhere is the Hayden Library reinvention more evident than on the third floor – a space where people, ideas and technologies all come together for learning, creation and innovation.

The three service centers housed on the third floor of Hayden Library take the ASU community beyond book collections, journals and archival materials, and into the 21st century scholarly landscape, in which data and new technology platforms enable knowledge creation in altogether new ways.

ASU student explores virtual reality The Makerspace will occupy the central space on this level. More than just a place to 3D print, the Makerspace is a place of experimentation, ideation, collaboration, and teaching and learning. The updated Makerspace will expand its offerings to include laser cutting, dedicated space for virtual/augmented reality and added audio/visual studio space. More notably, the Makerspace will feature a robust technology lending program, which will allow ASU students to access, explore and check out essential tools needed for their particular project or program.

Re-launched in 2016, the Map and Geospatial Hub is home to a distinguished map collection, various geospatial technologies and other cartographic resources. Having relocated from the third floor of Noble Library, the Map and Geospatial Hub will now be in close proximity to the library’s other creative centers and services for maximum data research potential. 

Connecting and supporting researchers university-wide in work that engages machine learning, data analytics, visual storytelling, network analysis, and text and data mining, the Unit for Data Science and Analytics works with students, staff and faculty to advance their research. Every Wednesday, the unit hosts its Open Lab event, welcoming a growing community of practitioners and partners from a diversity of fields, including art history, engineering, language and literature, biology, urban planning, economics, business, and more.

Come explore these innovative centers on the third level of Hayden Library and find out how to get involved with new and ongoing projects, get support for your research, learn how to use new tools, or simply meet other creatives. 

Innovation is our No. 1 goal.