Vault Gallery opens new downtown exhibit

All Around You is the latest art exhibit to arrive at the Downtown Phoenix campus Library’s Vault Gallery just in time for the Fall 2021 semester.

A collection of images by local photographer Julia Letcher, the exhibit features close-up photographs of bees and flowers, in addition to Arizona landscapes.

Letcher, who became interested in photography at a young age, asks the rhetorical question: “Who wouldn’t want to be a photographer if they were an Arizona native?” 

Growing up in Arizona, she says, has given her the greatest opportunity to photograph – everything from wide open desert scenes to small-scale insects.

“It has always been extremely important to me, as a photographer, to look around, taking in the beauty of my current surroundings,” says Letcher. “The world around us has been more interesting to me to photograph rather than people. There is beauty everywhere.”

The exhibit will be on display until early December.

Jackie Young, the Vault Gallery’s curator and a user services specialist for the ASU Library, says the gallery presents a unique opportunity to collaborate with the local artist community and make the library a vibrant, socially embedded space where students are exposed to diverse perspectives.

“Over the years, art has always been a part of the downtown library,” says Young. “New art reinvents the library space in a new way every time we have new artists.”