Supporting the force and face of ASU – our students

Alexis Juarez stands at the ASU Library student orientation booth
 “For me, working at the ASU Library means creating a welcoming environment
for the local community to gather and learn together, about each other,
and the topics that are relevant and important to their peers.”
Alexis Juarez,
Fall 2020 recipient of the Tomalee Doan
LibAid for Student Success award



The Tomalee Doan LibAid for Student Success award recognizes the dedication of student workers at the ASU Library who contribute, every day, to the success and impact of ASU research, academics and campus life. 

When you give to the LibAid for Student Success fund, you provide essential funds to ASU students, working across eight library locations, who contribute critical library support to their fellow university students, faculty, researchers, staff and alumni. 

Your gift, no matter how big or small, will have a direct impact on the success of students, university-wide, and the impact of research at ASU and beyond.