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Barbara Ward
Bibliographic Materials Cdr
(480) 965-6112
Amy Watson
Graphic Design Specialist
(480) 965-4914
Edward Weidle
Operations Supervisor
(480) 965-3605
Nathan Welty
Library Information Spec Sr
Mary Whelan
Geospatial Data Analyst
(480) 727-2004
Shirley Whitehouse
Library Information Spec Lead
Karina Wilhelm
Map Collection Specialist
(480) 965-5183
Thomas Wills
Library Information Spec
Rebecca Wilt
Student Worker II
Darla Winfrey
Library Information Spec Lead
(480) 727-1150
Tammy Wolf
Director of Discovery Services
(480) 965-1797
Jackie Young
Library Information Spec Sr
Eli Zoller
Digital Library Software Eng