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Curtis Sebren
Student Worker II
Michael Sepulveda
Library Information Spec Sr
Linda Shackle
Librarian (FSC)
(480) 965-7601
George Shrake
Shift Supervisor
(480) 965-2600
Joel Smalley
Project Coordinator West Regional Storage Trust
(480) 965-2101
Scott Smith
Bibliographic Materials Cdr
(480) 965-6101
Robert Spindler
University Archivist
(480) 965-9277
Dan Stanton
Assoc Librarian (FSC)
(480) 965-1798
Henry Stevens
Operations Supervisor
(480) 965-3605
Christina Sullivan
Collection Maintenance Spec
Katherine Sullivan
Library Information Spec Lead
Lauren Sullivan
Student Worker III
Rene Tanner
Assoc Librarian (FSC)
(480) 965-7190
Stephen Tanner
Digital Library Software Eng
(480) 965-3756
Carina Tapia
Library Information Spec Sr
(602) 543-7971
William Taylor
Student Worker IV
Christopher Thuenen
Manager Access Services
Matthew Toro
Geospatial Svcs Coord
Wendy Trakes
Library Information Spec
Matt Trobaugh
Cdr Digital Imaging Lab
(480) 965-9087
Jenna Troidl
Library Information Spec Sr
Rebecca Uhl
Librarian (FSC)
(480) 965-9802
Brad Vogus
Assoc Librarian (FSC)
(602) 543-8515
Shannon Walker
Archive Specialist
Olivia Wallace
Bibliographic Materials Cdr