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Kirk Manegold
Systems Analyst Prin
(480) 965-6230
Michael Markiw
Assoc Librarian (FSC)
(480) 965-4611
Joyce Martin
Assoc Librarian (FSC)
(480) 965-0298
Azucena Martinez
Taylor Place Community Assistant Mentor (2016-2017)
Yanet Martinez
Library Information Spec Sr
Marcus Mason
Library Undergrad Svc Assoc
(480) 965-7612
Autumn Mcclintock
Student Worker II
Anne McKee
Assoc Librarian (FSC)
(480) 575-0340
Alvaro Medina
Library Information Spec Lead
Christopher Mehrens
Administrator & Asc Librarian
Laura Miller
Library Information Spec Sr
Kit Minnifield
ERM Specialist Senior
(480) 965-4610
Cybill Moc
Student Worker II
Aidan Moneyhon
Student Worker I
Jon Moneyhon
Library Information Spec
Doris Moore
Catalog Specialist Sr
(480) 965-0521
Kim Moore
Bibliographic Materials Cdr
(480) 965-4609
Suzanne Morgan
(480) 965-9415
Heather Mossberger
Collection Maintenance Spec
JoAnn Mulvihill
Assoc Librarian (FSC)
(480) 965-3081
Brianna Myers
Student Worker II
Roseanne Nguyen
Student Coordinator:Student Development Coordinator
Jeffrey Norman
Shift Supervisor
(480) 965-4270