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HelpSTAR - Submit a Service Request

Library Systems Help Desk

Click the button below to access HelpSTAR:
Submit A Service Request


If you are not affiliated with ASU, please call the Library Systems Help Desk at 480-965-9093 for assistance. If you want your request to be handled more QUICKLY please note instructions below:


 In the Memo field provide a detailed explanation of the problem you have encountered. The more information you provide the better!!


To assist our technicians in troubleshooting your problem please include as much detail as possible in your description. Such things as the following will be especially helpful:

  • What specific article or journal, or other resource are you attempting to access?
  • What are the steps you take to get to the point of the error?
  • What is the url (http://...) at the point of the error?
  • Are you at home, at work or on campus when the difficulty occurs?
  • What is the specific error message that you receive?
  • Include a telephone number where you may be reached during business hours


To follow up on your request you may log back in to HelpSTAR to view activity on your request(s) or to provide additional information that you believe may be helpful.

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