Library Student Advisory Committee

What is it?

The Library Student Advisory Committee (LSAC) provides direct communication between students and the administrators of the ASU Library. The library solicits advice from students in order to enhance library resources and services.

When does it meet?

The Library Student Advisory Committee meets once each semester lunch (at Fletcher Library on the West campus) or dinner (at Hayden Library on the Tempe campus). If student members aren't able to make the formal meetings, there may be other opportunities to participate through such things as focus groups, online surveys and other library events.

How do you benefit?

Serving on the committee will provide an opportunity to share with the administration concerns of highest priority to students. Your role as a committee member will be to offer insights on how the library may better support your educational experience at Arizona State University. Participation can enhance your resume; provide connections for future references; provide the chance to meet new friends; and, of course, provide two free meals a year. 

Want to join us?

Just fill out our quick online application form and let us know a little bit about you. It's that easy!