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Specters of Revolution

Peasant Guerrillas in the Cold War Mexican Countryside

Alexander Aviña

The 1960s represented a revolutionary moment around the globe. In rural Mexico, several guerrilla groups organized to fight against the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party …

Women War and the Making of Bangladesh book cover

Women, War, and the Making of Bangladesh

Remembering 1971

Yasmin Saikia

Fought between India and what was then East and West Pakistan, the war of 1971 led to the creation of Bangladesh, where it is remembered as the War of Liberation. For India, the…

Making Headway book cover

Making Headway

The Introduction of Western Civilization in Colonial Northern Nigeria

Andrew E. Barnes

The process of cultural transfer in Northern Nigeria was historically thought to have been dictated by European colonial domination. In fact, Western missionaries may not have been…

Qualitative Research Methods book cover

Qualitative Research Methods

Collecting Evidence, Crafting Analysis, Communicating Impact

Sarah J. Tracy

Qualitative Research Methods: Collecting Evidence, Crafting Analysis, Communicating Impact is a comprehensive guide on both the theoretical foundations and practical application of…

Public Health Communication book cover

Public Health Communication

Science and Practice

Anthony J. Roberto

Public Health Communication: Science and Practice provides a comprehensive overview of how to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate public health communication interventions…

Where We Belong book cover

Where We Belong

Madeline Sayet

I've been trying to remember a story. Can you help me? A long time ago our ancestors told it to us. I think it has to do with where we belong. In 2015, Mohegan Theater Maker…

Rhetorical Listening in Action book cover

Rhetorical Listening in Action

A Concept-Tactic Approach

Krista Ratcliffe and Kyle Jensen

"Rhetorical Listening in Action: A Concept-Tactic Approach" aims to cultivate writers who can listen across differences in preparation for thinking critically, communicating, and…

Kenneth Burke's Weed Garden book cover

Kenneth Burke's Weed Garden

Refiguring the Mythic Grounds of Modern Rhetoric

Kyle Jensen

Since its publication in 1950, Kenneth Burke’s "A Rhetoric of Motives" has been one of the most influential texts of theory and criticism. Critics have discovered in its pages…

Introduction to Nanoscience

Introduction to Nanoscience

Stuart Lindsay

Nanoscience is not physics, chemistry, engineering or biology. It is all of them, and it is time for a text that integrates the disciplines. This is such a text, aimed at advanced…

Why Sharks Matter

Why Sharks Matter

A Deep Dive with the World's Most Misunderstood Predator

David Shiffman

Get submerged in the amazing world of sharks! Your expert host, award-winning marine biologist Dr. David Shiffman, will show you how—and why—we should protect these mysterious,…