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Córdoba Skies book cover

Córdoba Skies

Ploughshares Solos

Translated by Sarah Viren

When 11-year-old Tino isn't sitting quietly in school, he's either visiting his dying mother in the hospital or making sure his UFO-obsessed father eats dinner. A loner among his peers,…

Green green green book cover

Green Green Green

Gillian Osborne

For earlier writers like Emily Dickinson and William Blake, the green world was a space of haunted opposites: life and death, innocence and experience, and the sensitivities of plants…

instructions between takeoff and landing book cover

Instructions between Takeoff and Landing


Charles Jensen

The poems in "Instructions between Takeoff and Landing" take place in the middle of myriad journeys: tracking the twin Voyager satellites as they vanish into the unknown, reckoning with…

Gospel of Regicide book cover

Gospel of Regicide


Eunsong Kim

Poetry. "The Gospel of Regicide" takes the Gnostic text The Gospel of Judas as a loose primer in the production of fundamental rupture. The book interrogates the construction of…

Have You Been Feeling Blue These Days book cover

Have You Been Feeling Blue These Days?

Translated by Eunsong Kim

Poetry. Asian & Asian American Studies. Translated from Korean by Sun Gi Kim and Eunsong Kim. These deft, nuanced, and unmannered translations of Kim Eon Hee's poems introduce a…

contain book cover


Cynthia Hogue

As much as human beings were made to stay inside their homes in many places, pulled back like the awkward weeds we can be, threatened with culling by the mind of the garden, we were, in…

Ballet is my boyfriend book cover

Ballet Is My Boyfriend

Eleanor Ambler

In order to balance, dancers must stack up their bones so that gravity’s only effect is to keep them connected to the earth. "Ballet Is My Boyfriend" chronicles the gravitational pulls…

The Politics of Tragicomedy book cover

The Politics of Tragicomedy

Shakespeare and After

Edited by Jonathan Hope

"The Politics of Tragicomedy: Shakespeare and After" offers a series of sophisticated and powerful readings of tragicomedy from Shakespeare’s late plays to the drama of the Interregnum…

Sinking bell book cover

Sinking Bell


Bojan Louis

Potent stories that offer a forceful vision of contemporary Navajo life, by an American Book Award winner An ex-con hired to fix up a school bus for a couple living off the grid in the…

Go hunt me book cover

Go Hunt Me

Kelly deVos

For "Dracula" lovers and fans of Diana Urban’s "All Your Twisted Secrets," this spine-tingling thriller follows seven horror buffs as their dream trip to a remote Romanian castle turns…