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Find tools and services that help you in the middle of your project including data set descriptions, storage, and advanced computing.

Describing your work

Library Service

A data management plan includes data set descriptions. Selecting a metadata standard is often based on adhering to requirements from your funding agency, publisher, or other disciplinary standards. These include describing basic properties of your data, assigning keywords, tags, and terms to provide access points and preparing for long-term preservation.

Learn more about metadata in the Digital Repository Library Guide and how you can better organize and describe both your publications and data sets.

Storing and Processing your work

Referred Service

ASU Research Computing provides a wide offering of computing resources to our community of researchers, including:

  • ASU Research Computing Cloud Service
  • Data Intensive Compute (Hadoop)
  • Access to various software packages
  • Research proposal support
  • Access to XSEDE, Internet 2 and other external services

ASU Research Computing also offers letters of support to help get your project funded.

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Research and Data Analysis Support

Referred Service

Data and computational analysis support involves:

  • A server with appropriate computing power and storage capacity
  • A workspace for processing data (large data sets and other data in a variety of formats)
  • A variety of permissions for access (Internal and external collaborators, colleagues at other universities)
  • Backup and data security

Contact ASU's Research Computing to equip you with the information and resources you need for your project.