Discovery and Impact

Publishing your project is only the end of the beginning of the research lifecycle. Here you will find resources and info on digital curation, preservation, dissemination, and closing out grants.

Closing Projects and Grants

Referred Service

You will be working with Knowledge Enterprise and Development (KED) when you are ready to close out a grant funded research project. ASU confirms that the sponsor approves of final project deliverables and the project accounts are reviewed, reconciled, and closed out. KED provides instructions to help you understand the requirements and the steps to initiate the closeout process. They also provide a Records Retention schedule found under ASU Policies and Procedures to help you better understand the requirements for keeping and storing records related to a project.

Measuring Impact

Library Service

Citation metrics provide quantitative data used to evaluate the impact of a scholar’s research. Metrics also assist scholars with identifying key journals and notable researchers in their field. Several methods of collecting impact data are often used when conducting a comprehensive analysis of a scholar’s work. We can help you find and understand bibliometric data.