Instruction Facilities - Tempe campus

Tempe campus Instruction facilities include:

  • Hayden Library Rooms C41 (15 computers, 30 person maximum), C6A East (instructor workstation only, 90 person maximum), C6B West (12 computers, 18 person maximum)
  • Noble Library Room 105 (20 computers, 45 person maximum)

I. Purpose

The instruction facilities provided by Hayden and Noble Libraries are intended primarily for library-based instruction in support of the ASU curriculum and programs. Additional acceptable uses are library-related meetings, library staff training, and other library-sponsored activities.

II. Use of Facilities

Priority use is for library instruction, so availability is limited. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis, following these guidelines:

  • Weeks 1-8 of the Fall and Spring semesters is reserved exclusively for library instruction.
  • At all other times highest priority is for library instruction and, secondly, library training.
  • These facilities are for single-session events.

ASU affiliates may reserve an instruction facility for library instruction through an ASU librarian. To schedule a library session, contact your subject specialist .  For general instruction or orientation session, contact

Non-ASU Groups may use the classroom for single occurrence instruction sessions or events only if taught by an ASU librarian or if sponsored by ASU Library. Reservation must be made 10 working days in advance, contact Library Administration (480) 965-3417.