Media Relations Policies

Purpose: (1) To establish a consistent rule of business for interactions between library staff and representatives of the media (2) To ensure that appropriate and official information is given in response to media inquiries (3) To provide library staff at large with a practice to follow, so they can to respond to media inquiries in an appropriate manner.

Note: These policies apply to the Tempe campus libraries.  Inquiries at the Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic and West campuses should go through their respective library director.


Policy #1, Media Inquiries about the ASU Library addresses situations when media representatives and journalism students are asking questions about the ASU Library for publication.

See full text of this policy.


Policy #2: Requests to photograph in the ASU Library (aka Filming in the Library) addresses situations when media professionals, amateurs and students are asking permission to use a library facility as a setting for still or motion (including video) photography.