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Feb 02, 2016 · suggestion box

Submitted:  February 2, 2016
Regarding:  Law Library

Comment/Suggestion: I'm freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so upset, I just can't believe how cheap this school can be? I have no idea who to contact, but I just don't understand why they can't turn the heat on. I shouldn't be forced to be studying when I'm freezing. All other students are freezing too. Can you please do a better job of turning the heat on in the building. Thank you. 

Library Response:  We know it's hard to concentrate on your work when it's cold inside.   When the temperature drops outside, it does take the library's HVAC system a little while to adjust.  We can alert facilities if we know where specifically you're having difficulty.  So if it stays cold in your favorite study spot, please contact us again and let us know exactly where you are.  That way we know where to direct the help.

Feb 02, 2016 · suggestion box

Submitted:  February 1, 2016
Regarding:  Noble Library

Comment/Suggestion: Individual rooms for Skype interviews

Library Response:  Thanks for sharing this suggestion with us.  We think it's a great idea, and in fact, we're in the process of trying to locate a room, or rooms, to offer this in; and are evaluating multiple library locations.   

Jan 29, 2016 · suggestion box

Submitted:  January 28, 2016
Regarding:  Food in the Library

Comment/Suggestion:  I strongly suggest food is not allowed at any ASU library. It smells terrible! I feel even angry if someone eating food next to me at library, which is the place for study.

Library Response:  We're very sorry your study was disrupted by food odors recently in Noble Library.  We understand that some odors in particular can be very distracting.  We do, however, allow for food in most areas of the libraries (see our food and drink guidelines).  This is in recognition that students and other library users frequently are working in the libraries for long periods of time, and need to fuel their brains and bodies.  If the disruptive odor is coming from a garbage can, please let us know and we can make sure it's removed.

Jan 13, 2016 · suggestion box

Submitted:  January 13, 2016
Regarding:  Hayden Library

Suggestion/Comment:  I'm studying outside Lib 103, but it's very distracting because there is chatting and laughing coming from the floor above. It's helpful as a student to have a place to come to where quiet study can be expected. 

Library Response:  Thank you for alerting us to the fact that your study was being disrupted this morning.  We went to the floor above you immediately and asked the student who was talking to move to an area where that was more appropriate.  You should be able to expect the level of noise for the zones on each floor.  If you prefer complete silence, you may want to explore the silent/red zone options on Level 3.  These are enclosed rooms where no talking is allowed.

Jan 13, 2016 · suggestion box

Submitted:  November 16, 2015
Regarding:  Hayden Library

Comment/Suggestion: I have enjoyed very much using everything Hayden Library has to offer, especially the group study area. Up until recently, well I believe it's been a few weeks now, perhaps closer to a month, the group study are contained rather large, round table. These tables were amazing for group work and group studying. Now these little tables are rather hard to accommodate a group study session especially when all individuals are using their books and laptops and taking notes all at the same time, which is usually how group studying goes. I would really, really like to see the larger tables back in the group study area, as I have said before they were very accommodating for group study. They greatly enriched the study environment and the cohesion of the student body when studying together.

Library Response:  Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback about the Hayden Library.  We are happy to know that it is an important place for you to study and get your work done, as we strive to provide that for our students. 

It is true that we have changed out the furniture in one of the study areas (the one on the first floor with the windows out to the exterior courtyard), and we did so in order to make that space more flexible and usable for a variety of functions.  The tables that were in there were very large and not easily moved.  

The good news is that if those tables worked for the type of studying you do are available in other areas of the library.  Most notably, there are many, many of them on the upper concourse -- turn right when you enter the library, and then go up a half flight of stairs.  There is a very large room that is filled with those tables, and it is zoned for group study as well.  The other areas of the library with large tables are Level 1 (go up one level in the elevator) and Level 3, although those are zoned for more traditional library quiet areas.

Moving forward we will be making even more adjustments and improvements to the library, and we will be looking for feedback from the students who use our spaces to help us make the best choices.  We will keep this feedback, and refer to it, and hope that you will continue to feel comfortable sharing your feedback and suggestions with us.  

Jan 13, 2016 · suggestion box

Submitted: Fall 2015 (multiple suggestions)
Regarding: Library Account History

Suggestion:  We've had several suggestions for a similar service:

" : I was looking for a link that would show me all the books I have checked out and returned over the course of the semester.  If a link exists, I could not find it.  I think this would be very handy for students to review the books we have checked out and returned.  "

"May I suggest that students be able to see all books they checked out during a semester or academic year? There have been several occasions that this would aid me during my research projects. Especially for graduate students, who may forget they have already looked at a book."

Library Response:  Thank you to everyone who has shared with us that they would find this a useful feature of our system.  We are exploring this as a potential feature to test this semester, to see if we can implement it with our current system.  Stay tuned for updates!

Sep 18, 2015 · suggestion box

Submitted:  September 9, 2015
Regarding:  Noble Library

Comment/Suggestion: In the individual study rooms can it be possible to better regulate the temperature? Normally the individual study rooms are very warm and I end up sweating in them while trying to work. 

Library Response:  We totally understand that it's not easy to concentrate on your work if it's too hot and stuffy in the study rooms.  Unfortunately, during the first few weeks of the semester Noble Library was experiencing an a/c problem that took a long time to fix, causing large areas of the 2nd and 3rd floor to be extra-warm.  That caused the individual study rooms to be even warmer.  The a/c seems to be balancing out now, and with the decrease in temps outside, we're seeing some relief.  

But if you still are having troubles with it being warm, we do have a few small fans you can check out at the front desk that may make it a little more comfortable in the rooms.

Sep 04, 2015 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion:  What happened to all the furniture in the group study area? The big long tables are all gone. How is anyone supposed to work in a group at those desk-sized cafe tables?

Library Response:  Thank you for contacting us about this change in Hayden.  We're working on making some changes in the library to help support various activities, which necessitated adjusting the furniture in the large room on the entrance level (C55).  The tables that had been in that room were very large, which worked well for group study, but they weren't easily moveable, so the room couldn't be adapted for other purposes when needed.  So we're trying out different furniture configurations to see what will work better.  Your feedback about the cafe tables is very helpful to us as we continue to plan improvements f or the spaces.

In the meantime, there are many of the same large tables on the upper concourse (go to the right after you enter the library, and up the half flight of stairs), and that area is all zoned for group work as well.  We know that can get crowded, so you could also look for similar tables on level 1 (up the elevator one floor), although that floor is zoned for quieter work.  

Thank you again for your feedback!

Aug 17, 2015 · suggestion box

Submitted:  August 14, 2015
Regarding:  Polytechnic campus Library

Comment/Suggestion:  The Pepsi machine has been removed from the library. I have been told Coke is now the new carrier. I have seen others on campus but I spend most of my time in the center building sometimes until late at night and do not want to pick up all my stuff walk over to another empty building only to come back and reset up. Please provide some kind of beverage vending in the center building..

Library Response:  Thank you for contacting us about this.  We understand how important it is to be able to get a beverage during long study sessions.  We're actively working on this, and will hope to have an update soon.

Aug 17, 2015 · suggestion box

Submitted: May 29, 2015
Regarding:  Downtown Phoenix campus Library

Comment/Suggestion:  I enjoy being able to use the computers in the library to study, but nothing is more infuriating than driving down to campus and the computers not be working. Waiting ten minutes just for one to load, then another five for chrome to open, and then the entire network functioning at a snails pace, is ridiculous. We should not have to try to log on two or three computers at a time just to see which one will load that day. I just left and went back home because I couldn't get a computer to work. This is not an isolated incident, it happens probably a quarter of the time I try to study on campus. Really wish you guys could please figure this out.

Library Response:  We have great news:  the computers at the Downtown Phoenix campus Library were all replaced over the summer, and they should be much more reliable now.  Please let us know if you continue to have trouble with them.

Aug 14, 2015 · suggestion box

Submitted:  June 5, 2015
Regarding:  Disability Services, Hayden Library

Comment/Suggestion:  I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the library disability services. I am a student who struggle with dyslexia and the important of the library disability services in my success is vital. The staff are really helpful and if they don't know the answer they well look for someone who does.  however some of the computer and screen are old, so it would be nice to up date the electronics.

Library Response:  Thank you so much for the compliments for our Disability Services area.  We are so pleased you have had such a positive experience!  We'll definitely pass on your observation about needing to update some of the technology.  All the best for your continued success!

Aug 14, 2015 · suggestion box

Submitted:  April 28, 2015
Regarding:  Ebooks / DRM

Comment/Suggestion:  The "MyiLibrary" system is nonsense.  The purpose, the key goal, the raison d'etre of a library is to provide students and researchers with access to information--to facilitate communication between scholars.  That DRM system interferes with the fundamental purpose of the library.  It should not exist.

 We are outraged by someone who damages library materials.  Why? Because they are interfering with the purpose of a library.  Why should publishers be allowed to interfere with communication between researchers?

The author of the book I was looking at recommended I read it.  I want to read it.  And yet the publisher has conspired with the library to make it a damn near impossibility.  The existence of DRM in the library is absurd and offensive, for the same reasons that censorship and burning books is offensive.

No doubt apologists will say that the choice is between DRM or no copy at all.  Nonsense.  DRM exists in libraries because librarians accepted it.

Music aficionados did not accept it on music, and it is no longer found there.  Yet somehow librarians accept crippling the service they provide because the publisher demands it.  But they forget, they would not exist without us.  We provide both their content and their customer base.  They are not in a position to make demands.  We are in a position to make demands on them.  And we should.

End DRM in libraries today.  Do not buy those "books."

Library Response:  We agree that digital rights management (DRM) restrictions on the ebooks we provide is problematic, and we are working with our content providers to advocate for fewer restrictions. We celebrate publishers, such as Springer, that do provide ebooks without DRM imposed, as good examples of ways to provide content moving forward. But, as in your example with digital music distribution, this change takes time to permeate the market. We're sorry that your experience was so frustrating

Feb 12, 2015 · web site

In order to make current item statuses more understandable to our users, we have added a pop-up next to the current “Status” of all items in the catalog.

An example follows:

The question mark icon above is new and hovering over it provides additional contextual information about the status of an item, including options to request it if the item isn’t available. We believe this will not only make statuses more understandable to our users, but it will also provide and market services like ILL and Borrow It Now. Do you like this new feature? If so, send us your feedback!

-Web Services Advisory Board

Jan 21, 2015 · suggestion box

Submitted: January 15, 2015
Regarding:  Fletcher Library (West campus)

Comment/Suggestion: It would be really helpful if there was a microwave located in the Fletcher Library for student use.

Library Response: Thank you for letting us know this is something that would be helpful to you.  We'll take it under consideration as we move forward, but in the meantime we wanted to let you know that there are a few microwaves on campus that you could use, if you were able to take a break from studying:

  • UCB 2nd floor: North side of the building in the Student Government/ Games Room area.  A microwave is out in the open for anyone to use.
  • Sun Devil Fitness Center 1st floor: West Side, there is an entire kitchen area, including a microwave, for student use.  Located near the media lounge area. 
Jan 05, 2015 · suggestion box

Submitted on:  January 5, 2015
Regarding:  Hayden Library

Comment/Suggestion:  It is always FREEZING in the journal area of Hayden library. Can you guys do something about how cold it is down there? During the winter months it should not be as cold as it is down there!

Library Response:  We're sorry it's so cold in Hayden Library.  We've reported it to the campus facilities team and are hoping they will be able to resolve it soon.  In the meantime, if you don't need to work with the print journals, it should be warmer in the above-ground levels of the library.

Dec 10, 2014 · suggestion box

Submitted: December 9, 2014
Regarding:  Hayden Library

Comment/Suggestion:  It is really hot on the third floor of Hayden.

Library Response:  Thank you for reporting this problem.  We sent this immediately to the Hayden Library administration office, who will follow up with the campus facilities service.

Dec 01, 2014 · suggestion box

Submitted:  November 28, 2014
Regarding:  Web Site

Suggestion/Comment: Please fix the web page so it is viewable mobile devices

Library Response:  Thank you for letting us know you are having trouble with our web site on your mobile device.  Our library website is built using responsive design principals adopted from the Drupal Adaptive Theme (https://www.drupal.org/project/adaptivetheme), and should adapt to mobile devices seamlessly. The LibGuides (https://libguides.asu.edu/) are also responsive, as is the Library One Search (http://asu.summon.serialssolutions.com/).

Unfortunately, the catalog (http://library.lib.asu.edu/) is currently not responsive and we continue to work with the vendor (Innovative Interfaces) to work on this and are currently considering other vendors in the future.

Additional library vendors and publishers (article databases, electronic journals, etc.) have various mobile and responsive offerings.

If you can provide us the url of the page where you are experiencing difficulties we may be able to point you to a mobile friendly resource, start discussions with a vendor, or possible fine tune the responsive design. 

Oct 23, 2014 · suggestion box

Submitted: October 21, 2014
Regarding: Book and Article Delivery

Comment/Suggestion: I am a downtown grad student. I have recently requested books from other campuses. They were delivered quickly to downtown, a day or two. I have also needed to use Illiad to request some journal articles I was unable to view on my own. In every case the article was obtained in a day or two. Thanks for the excellent customer service!

Library Response: Thank you for letting us know you're so pleased with our book and article delivery services.  Our staff in those areas work really hard to make sure that books and articles get where they need to be quickly, and we're glad to hear that their efforts are paying off.  

Oct 21, 2014 · suggestion box

Submitted: October 21, 2014
Regarding: Polytechnic campus Library

Comment/Suggestion: I came in this morning to use one of the study rooms so that I could study for my organic chemistry class. I wanted to use the big whiteboard and I was told that it was for group study only. Is there a way that this can be changed?

Library Response:  Thank you for contacting us about this.  We are sorry you were disappointed this morning.  The Polytechnic campus Library just this week instituted a change in the process on the study rooms, and they are now indeed reserved for group use.  Prior to this, individuals could use the study rooms, but would be asked asked to leave the rooms when a group needed it.  We received feedback that indicated that wasn't an ideal situation, and wanted to eliminate individuals being disrupted in this way. 

There are many other areas of the library that are suited for individual study.  There are several large rolling whiteboards that you can use anywhere in the library, and you can check out markers at the Information Desk with your SunCard or Pitchfork Card.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about the library.

Oct 10, 2014 · suggestion box

Submitted: October 9, 2014
Regarding:  Hayden Library

Comment/Suggestion:  Classes that are being taught at classrooms within the library should keep the doors locked. Some instructors in the computer room in the first floor of Hayden talk too loud that everyone outside can hear him. It is very distracting.  This shouldn't be like that, if anyone is talking to a group of +10 students then it should be on a room where noise is isolated. It is only a matter of closing the door. You should have this as a policy.

Library Response:  Thank you for letting us know about this situation.  We understand how distracting that type of noise is, and how it could be preventing you from being able to focus.  We agree that the door to the computer room should be closed when class is in session.  We've adjusted our procedures and that will be the new policy, starting immediately.  

Oct 10, 2014 · web site

Your Feedback:  

"It's a huge and complicated job to change the library for the 21st century. You are doing a fine job. The ILL works really well. And, I'm grateful for the assistance in pulling books. This saves me an enormous amount of time. One thing that could be improved is the linking to full-text articles on the web site. At my previous institution, this was easy to do. Here, I sometimes find the links don't work. By this, I mean the link takes me to the journal, not to the article (which I then have to go back to the citation to find out which volume it is in)."

"I really like the website. However, I would like it to be easier to access some articles. I know I tend to click a link for an article and then I have to go through more steps in order to actually get the article. Sometimes the posted links for articles do not actually lead to the article."

"Links to full text articles do not always work. Once one learns the complex pathways, navigating to find articles is very functional."

Our Response:

The Web Services Advisory Board has approved updates to the 360 Link application. We will be making this live starting tomorrow, October 11th, 2014.

360 Link is the application that provides linking capability to full text within our databases through “Get it@ASU” and Summon. The new features enable us to take advantage of Index Enhanced Direct Linking (IEDL) and a new Sidebar Helper frame.  These improvements will provide the most reliable direct access to full text, enable us to maintain a seamless presence in the researcher's workflow, and promote additional resources.

Sidebar Helper Frame

The Sidebar Helper frame enables us to provide the most direct and simple path to full text without giving up opportunities for the library to promote other services or to provide help to users in the event that links fail.

Screenshot of new sidebar with additional options and report a problem links

When 360 Link finds full text availability for the user, the authenticated user is provided with full text rather than going to the old “Get It@ASU” intermediary page, along with the above Sidebar Helper frame on the right side where the user can find other library services or additional full text options if the initial link to full text fails.

We will also be including a link to “Report a Problem” which goes directly to the Library HelpDesk system through Saleforce to be assigned to the correct team within the libraries.

Tammy Allgood Wolf
Web Services Advisory Board Chair
Manager of Discovery Services

Oct 09, 2014 · web site

Your Feedback:  

"You need a map of the libraries, I get lost in them. At least have it mapped out so we can find the basic area of the book."

"It would be great if a map facility is given, this will help students to find the exact location of a particular book in the library."

Our Response:

Next week, we will be updating the way the location page in the catalog works. You may already be familiar with the page you currently get whenever you click on a location link in the catalog.

The following link,

Link in item records that says, "Music Stacks" under location header

takes you to

Hayden library location table
This all-purpose page lists all the locations and call numbers for every library and every floor. We have seen users struggle with remembering the location they were originally looking for, navigating through the many textual options of this page, and figuring out what this all means to them. Many times, users click out of this page as quickly as possible.

We have now incorporated actual library maps into the location links along with a script that pulls out the call number of the original item and determines which floor and which approximate location the user should be directed to. See below.

Screenshot of map of Hayden library with listed call number and QR code

It also reminds the user of the call number they were looking for and provides a QR code so that users on desktops can scan the page into their phones and take their phones with them up into the stacks. 

Author Search

User testing has also shown us that author searches are seldom conducted the way Sierra requires them to be. Users very rarely use last name first, first name. Therefore, we have created placeholder text in the main author search to show an example for users.

Screen shot of Catalog Search page by Author with "Shakespeare, William" showing in the search box
Catalog Responsive Design

On a related note, we will also be releasing a responsive design of the catalog main search page around the same time frame. The page will not look any different from a desktop, but from a mobile device, it will respond to the size of the device and display functionality accordingly. 

Thank you for your feedback!

Tammy Allgood Wolf
Web Services Advisory Board Chair
Manager of Discovery Services

Oct 08, 2014 · web site

We just made it even easier for you to send us your feedback. Clicking on the "feedback" tab to the lower right of any page on our site will now take you to our suggestion box form.

Image of feeback tab with red arrow pointing to it

Tammy Allgood Wolf
Web Services Advisory Board Chair
Manager of Discovery Services

Oct 03, 2014 · suggestion box

Submitted: Thursday October 2, 2014
Regarding: Book collection

Comment/SuggestionHello.  I am a graduate student, and I am working on a project based on Barbara Kingsolver's nonfiction book Holding The Line.  Unfortunately, the ASU Library does not have any copies of this book in their collection.  I am hoping you will consider adding at least one copy, as this project will include several people and I am hoping they can all easily have access to this book.  Additionally, this book is an important piece of Arizona history. Thank you so much!

Library Response:  I have really great news for you:  we do have four copies of the book "Holding the Line" by Barbara Kingsolver in the ASU Library's collection.  Two of them are in special archival repositories and aren't able to be checked out.  But we have two copies that circulate - and one is currently available in Hayden Library to be checked out.  See the full record here: http://library.lib.asu.edu.ezproxy1.lib.asu.edu/record=b2435718~S3  (click "Request" to have it pulled and held for you at the library of your choice).

Oct 03, 2014 · suggestion box

Submitted: Tuesday September 30, 2014
Regarding: Noble Library

Comment/SuggestionIf we sit to study at the Quiet Study Zones (Orange Zones) of the Noble Science Library's second and third floor area near the Group Study Rooms, I have been frequently hearing people that use the Group Study Rooms, conversing at high volume of speech, shouting, laughing, and believe me or not, last night someone was singing! I believe these rooms are not sound proof or the occupants do not close the doors. May I request you to please have public awareness posters displayed inside the room requesting the occupants to converse quietly in the interest of people outside the rooms?

Please note this is not only a specific group that is noisy, however, it seems the closed room environment gives the occupants a feeling that they are isolated in reference to sound they produce.

Library Response:  We're sorry you are having consistent problems with the noise levels from the group study rooms that are adjacent to the quiet study areas.  We do already have signs in every room asking that they respect the students working around them by keeping the volume low, but that seems to unfortunately not be very effective.  We have begun to remind students who check out the keys to the reservation rooms to keep the noise low, explaining the impact on the students in the surrounding areas.  Please let us know if this continues to be a problem.