Suggestion Box: University Campus Locations

Comment/Suggestion:  How about  listing the physical location all of the ASU campuses where the addresses would be easy to find by someone doing a web search. You don't believe that this is a library issue? The fact that I got to this page while searching for the physical address of a specific campus makes it a library issue.  Thank you, and happy holidays. 

Library Response:  We're sorry you are frustrated in trying to find information about the physical locations for the university  campuses.  The location information for each campus can be found via the online map web site.   The maps will show each of the campuses, with their locations marked.   If you click on "Driving Directions" in the navigation bar above the map, you will be able to see a physical address.  Each college/school/unit has their own mailing address, and the buildings on each campus do as well.  For reference, the physical addresses of all the libraries can be found on the library's page for Maps and Locations.

In addition, we'd be happy to help you find the specific address you are looking for.  Please call the information desk at 480-965-3605 and one of our informaiton specialists will assist you.