Suggestion Box: Temperature in Study Rooms in Noble Library

Submitted:  September 9, 2015
Regarding:  Noble Library

Comment/Suggestion: In the individual study rooms can it be possible to better regulate the temperature? Normally the individual study rooms are very warm and I end up sweating in them while trying to work. 

Library Response:  We totally understand that it's not easy to concentrate on your work if it's too hot and stuffy in the study rooms.  Unfortunately, during the first few weeks of the semester Noble Library was experiencing an a/c problem that took a long time to fix, causing large areas of the 2nd and 3rd floor to be extra-warm.  That caused the individual study rooms to be even warmer.  The a/c seems to be balancing out now, and with the decrease in temps outside, we're seeing some relief.  

But if you still are having troubles with it being warm, we do have a few small fans you can check out at the front desk that may make it a little more comfortable in the rooms.