Suggestion Box: Study Zones in Noble

Comment/Suggestion:  Can the level of noise in the study zones be more enforced? It feels like I am in the group study area because it is so loud in the quiet study area. The noise level is bothersome in the quiet study area and I would appreciate if that was more enforced. On another note, more desks and tables should have outlets. It is very convenient to find a desk with an outlet so I can stay there all day and are not bothered by moving to a seat with an outlet.  

Library Response:  We do try to monitor the noise levels in the study zones in Noble, but we are always happy to intervene when alerted to problems.  If you are being disturbed by the noise, please alert any library staff member (who will be wearing an ASU Library name tag) and they will be happy to intervene.  

We also appreciate the need to add more access to outlets.  We try to do that at every opportunity, and will continue to do so.