Suggestion Box: Study Tables in Hayden Library

Submitted:  November 16, 2015
Regarding:  Hayden Library

Comment/Suggestion: I have enjoyed very much using everything Hayden Library has to offer, especially the group study area. Up until recently, well I believe it's been a few weeks now, perhaps closer to a month, the group study are contained rather large, round table. These tables were amazing for group work and group studying. Now these little tables are rather hard to accommodate a group study session especially when all individuals are using their books and laptops and taking notes all at the same time, which is usually how group studying goes. I would really, really like to see the larger tables back in the group study area, as I have said before they were very accommodating for group study. They greatly enriched the study environment and the cohesion of the student body when studying together.

Library Response:  Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback about the Hayden Library.  We are happy to know that it is an important place for you to study and get your work done, as we strive to provide that for our students. 

It is true that we have changed out the furniture in one of the study areas (the one on the first floor with the windows out to the exterior courtyard), and we did so in order to make that space more flexible and usable for a variety of functions.  The tables that were in there were very large and not easily moved.  

The good news is that if those tables worked for the type of studying you do are available in other areas of the library.  Most notably, there are many, many of them on the upper concourse -- turn right when you enter the library, and then go up a half flight of stairs.  There is a very large room that is filled with those tables, and it is zoned for group study as well.  The other areas of the library with large tables are Level 1 (go up one level in the elevator) and Level 3, although those are zoned for more traditional library quiet areas.

Moving forward we will be making even more adjustments and improvements to the library, and we will be looking for feedback from the students who use our spaces to help us make the best choices.  We will keep this feedback, and refer to it, and hope that you will continue to feel comfortable sharing your feedback and suggestions with us.