Suggestion Box: Study Spaces

Comment/Suggestion: I would like to suggest that more attention be paid to creating study spaces that are both comfortable and quiet. In my time using the Hayden and Noble libraries, I have not been able to find a place to study that is both. The comfortable places in the libraries are often near elevators, doors, or stairs (which can be loud) or are in areas designated at group study or quiet study, neither of which is observed. I think this is partially due to the confusing signage about study areas and the lack of such signage. Because ASU has so few spaces throughout campus that are conducive to studying, I think it is important that the libraries provide this, especially as Hayden is being renovated.

Library Response:  Thank you for your feedback about study spaces in the libraries.  It absolutely is important to us to be able to offer a variety of study environments for students in our libraries, and we do strive for them all to be as comfortable as possible regardless of the noise level.  We will assess the signage in both Hayden and Noble to see where we should refresh it to make the noise level expectations clear.  However, it would be helpful to know more about what would make a study area "comfortable" for you?  Is there a particular type of furnishing that you particularly find comfortable and would like to make sure is included in the quieter areas?  Please let us know so we can incorporate it into our study space plans.