Suggestion Box: Signage

Comment/Suggestion:  I think the lap top thefts signs in the library are meant to be a friendly reminder, but the tagline "Watch your stuff *yourself*" has a hostile tone to it.

Library Response:  Thank you for your feedback about the tone of these signs.  It's true, they are intended to emphasize the importance of not leaving your belongings in the library.  It's unfortunately the case that there are times when thieves target students in our libraries, and steal laptops and other valuables that have been left unattended.  It is very distressing for the students who experience this, as not only is the laptop valuable, but so is the work and data that is kept on it.  That said, we certainly don't want to be hostile ourselves, when we're trying to convey that we are on your side.  We will evaluate the use of this signage in light of this feedback, and see if we can develop something else that is more effective.