Suggestion Box: Otter Pups for Stress Relief

Regarding:  Stress Relief at the Downtown Phoenix campus

Comment/Suggestion:  I think it would be a wonderful idea to get otter pups for the Downtown Phoenix Campus Library. They just need a little pool, and it would be very therapeutic and beneficial to the students, especially during finals week. Please see the link I have attached in this suggestion box. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I sincerely hope you take this under serious consideration.

Library Response:  We understand that stress levels are high at times during the semester, and that there are different ways to provide relief for the stress.  While we won't be able to sponsor wildlife at the library, we do know that there are often stress relief breaks with therapy dogs around finals times.  Those are generally held at the Civic Center Park near the Dowtown Phoenix campus.  Please check with our staff at the library's information desk and see if they know of any upcoming stress relief events.