Suggestion Box: Noise from Group Study Rooms

Submitted: Tuesday September 30, 2014
Regarding: Noble Library

Comment/SuggestionIf we sit to study at the Quiet Study Zones (Orange Zones) of the Noble Science Library's second and third floor area near the Group Study Rooms, I have been frequently hearing people that use the Group Study Rooms, conversing at high volume of speech, shouting, laughing, and believe me or not, last night someone was singing! I believe these rooms are not sound proof or the occupants do not close the doors. May I request you to please have public awareness posters displayed inside the room requesting the occupants to converse quietly in the interest of people outside the rooms?

Please note this is not only a specific group that is noisy, however, it seems the closed room environment gives the occupants a feeling that they are isolated in reference to sound they produce.

Library Response:  We're sorry you are having consistent problems with the noise levels from the group study rooms that are adjacent to the quiet study areas.  We do already have signs in every room asking that they respect the students working around them by keeping the volume low, but that seems to unfortunately not be very effective.  We have begun to remind students who check out the keys to the reservation rooms to keep the noise low, explaining the impact on the students in the surrounding areas.  Please let us know if this continues to be a problem.