Suggestion Box: Library Account Check Out History

Submitted: Fall 2015 (multiple suggestions)
Regarding: Library Account History

Suggestion:  We've had several suggestions for a similar service:

" : I was looking for a link that would show me all the books I have checked out and returned over the course of the semester.  If a link exists, I could not find it.  I think this would be very handy for students to review the books we have checked out and returned.  "

"May I suggest that students be able to see all books they checked out during a semester or academic year? There have been several occasions that this would aid me during my research projects. Especially for graduate students, who may forget they have already looked at a book."

Library Response:  Thank you to everyone who has shared with us that they would find this a useful feature of our system.  We are exploring this as a potential feature to test this semester, to see if we can implement it with our current system.  Stay tuned for updates!