Suggestion Box: Interlibrary Loan Notifications

Regarding:  Interlibrary Loan Email Notifications

Comment/Suggestion:  Hi, I just think it is better if you notify us when you upload an electronic article I request through the interlibrary loan service. I really appreciate your service as I used that for a couple of time. But I wish I could get an email notification as sometimes I forget that I requested the article, or I have to check the website again and again. (We get notification when the requested book arrive through interlibrary loan service, so I wish you can expand the same service for the loan of articles) 

Library Response:  You are right that you should get an email notification when an ILL article is available for you to download, and in fact the system is configured to send emails automatically when the PDF is loaded into your account.  I just tried this with my own account today, requesting two articles, and I received two email notifications when they were available.  So if you're not receiving one, then that means something has gone wrong with your account.  Please contact us at 480-965-3605 and we will see if we can determine how to fix this for your account.