Suggestion Box: Guest Printing

Comment/Suggestion: As an not-enrolled-in-college visitor to Hayden Library, I got a pass, got a computer reservation, and logged onto one of the four computers designated for use by such visitors (with the reservation number). I searched some journal databases, and issued a print command for two articles I wanted. I went to a printer and looked for my print jobs. There was nothing to link my guest ID to my reservation number login or print jobs. I spoke to two people at Hayden Library, one in print services in the MU, and one employee in the bookstore, and these four people spoke to four supervisors, and no one could explain how I could print. I assume no provision is made at all for guest online printing. I now have $6 Printing Guest Card from the ASU Bookstore, which apparently I can only use for photocopying.

Library Response:  We're very sorry you had such a frustrating time with the guest printing process.  We did some investigating and found out the print process and can confirm that your guest print card does work for both printing and photocopying.  Now that you have a card, the process you follow to print is:

  1. Have the guest print card in hand.
  2. From the PC reservation/guest computer, locate the item you want to print and send print command.
  3. Enter the number on the guest print card (not your reservation number)
  4. Go to the printer and swipe the card to retreive and print your job.

Again, we apologize that you didn't receive the assistance you needed when you were here.