Suggestion Box: Furniture Changes in Hayden Library

Comment/Suggestion:  What happened to all the furniture in the group study area? The big long tables are all gone. How is anyone supposed to work in a group at those desk-sized cafe tables?

Library Response:  Thank you for contacting us about this change in Hayden.  We're working on making some changes in the library to help support various activities, which necessitated adjusting the furniture in the large room on the entrance level (C55).  The tables that had been in that room were very large, which worked well for group study, but they weren't easily moveable, so the room couldn't be adapted for other purposes when needed.  So we're trying out different furniture configurations to see what will work better.  Your feedback about the cafe tables is very helpful to us as we continue to plan improvements f or the spaces.

In the meantime, there are many of the same large tables on the upper concourse (go to the right after you enter the library, and up the half flight of stairs), and that area is all zoned for group work as well.  We know that can get crowded, so you could also look for similar tables on level 1 (up the elevator one floor), although that floor is zoned for quieter work.  

Thank you again for your feedback!