Suggestion Box: Disrespect in the Study Zones

There are specific study zones in Hayden and Noble Libraries in particular, that exist to help students choose the environment that will best suit their study needs.  This only works when these study zones are respected by everyone.  We have had several comments lately that indicate this is more than occasionally a problem:

I wish there were more supervision/enforcement of the basic rules in the red silent study zones. Too many people seem to believe that the rules are there as suggestions more than anything else, and therefore form small discussion groups, chat on their phones, or otherwise disrupt the quiet. Someone asking a quick question is fine, of course, but a couple chatting for 30 minutes about their weekend plans, or someone talking to a friend on the phone for ten minutes - these are major annoyances that take away from the silent study experience.

I agree with one of the earlier posts about loud talking in a quiet area. This really needs to be enforced. It should not be as loud as it is in a group study area in a quiet study area. Can there be people enforcing this around the library periodically?

We are very sorry that this is a problem in the study zones.  We will do our best to increase  staff visibility in the quiet and silent areas more often to help reinforce the quiet zones.  But we also ask that you speak up and ask your neighbors to move to green/group zones if they need to talk.  If this is a problem, if you can step away for a few moments to call the front desk at the Hayden Library at 480-065-3605, we will then dispatch someone immediately to come assist you.