Suggestion Box: Book Request

Submitted: Thursday October 2, 2014
Regarding: Book collection

Comment/SuggestionHello.  I am a graduate student, and I am working on a project based on Barbara Kingsolver's nonfiction book Holding The Line.  Unfortunately, the ASU Library does not have any copies of this book in their collection.  I am hoping you will consider adding at least one copy, as this project will include several people and I am hoping they can all easily have access to this book.  Additionally, this book is an important piece of Arizona history. Thank you so much!

Library Response:  I have really great news for you:  we do have four copies of the book "Holding the Line" by Barbara Kingsolver in the ASU Library's collection.  Two of them are in special archival repositories and aren't able to be checked out.  But we have two copies that circulate - and one is currently available in Hayden Library to be checked out.  See the full record here:  (click "Request" to have it pulled and held for you at the library of your choice).