Suggestion Box: Appreciation for Hayden Library Staff

Regarding:  Hayden Library

Comment/Suggestion:  This is an appreciation note for Hayden library staff. I like Hayden library. I have observed that the staff in general (both full time staff and student workers) provide very professional, friendly and good service to students at Hayden. Especially, because, I generally study in the nights, I believe I should appreciate the staff members working in the night shift who are very professional, humble, friendly and they make us feel safe and secure by monitoring the Hayden library regularly throughout the night while they are busy with their other tasks.

This early morning (5/4, Wednesday, 3 AM), the finals tea and snacks arranged by the staff was a very nice way of caring for the students. I really appreciate that! Thanks!

Could you please pass on this appreciation note to the staff of the Hayden library. I believe it is a great service they are providing us! Thanks!

Library Response:  Thank you very much for taking time out of this incredibly busy week to share with us this positive feedback.  We are very fortunate to have a caring personnel who are especially dedicated to providing service and outstanding experience in the library.  We have shared this note with the Hayden Library public service team, and their supervisors, who appreciate hearing that their efforts have been successful.