New Services Pages - I am a/an...

Your Feedback:  

Website is "Very cluttered, please clear a little. Make it less frustrating and intimidating."

"The visual appearance of it is a bit cluttered and the various options to navigate don't readily stand out."

"Less Cluttered" please!

Our Response:

In a continued effort to declutter our site, we have made some major updates to significant pages, including the "Services" pages. The old pages, aimed at students, faculty, or staff, were redesigned. An example of one of the old pages is shown below.

Picture of old Services for Students Page with lots of links

The new, redesigned pages (linked below) are organized into logical headings and styled to allow for easy browsing. We have received many comments that users can locate relevant links more quickly than they could in the old pages.

Image of new Services for Undergraduate Students page showing new subheadings

In addition, we also introduced new pages for Graduate Students, Online/Distance Learning Students, Visitors, and Alumni.

 New services menu showing links for Online/Distance learning students, graduate students, visitors, and alumni