New Navigational Menus

Last year, we conducted an online survey about our website. 530 of you responded. Here are a few screenshots of some of the questions and answers we received. The top 3 things ASU users found the most difficult to do on our site were "Finding Journals," "Finding Articles," and "Finding E-books." 

What did you find difficult about the library web site?

The three most important things to do on the site were also similar to the most difficult - "Finding Articles," "Finding Journals," and "Finding Books."

How important are the following to you?

Three of the top things users would do on our website included "Simplify Navigation," "Make it easier to find library materials," and "Make it less cluttered."

If you could do 3 things to improve our web site, they would be...

We believe our new menus (below) simply our navigation, make it less cluttered and make it easier to do the things you feel are most important to do on our site (finding library materials).

On July 1st, we will roll out these new, more distinctive navigation menus.

Screenshot of new black horizontal top navigational menu

There will be a menu item devoted to finding particular types of items on our library web site. We have conducted usability tests on these menus, and the results show the new menus are more pronounced, stand out, and assist users with finding particular items.

Find menu - Find materials, Research tools

We will also roll out a new menu which links to our fairly new services page for particular user types.

I am a/an menu

As always, we appreciate the feedback you have given. We will continue to gather feedback about our library website through

-The Web Services Advisory Board

Tammy Allgood Wolf (Chair)
Manager of Discovery Services