New Find E-Books Page

Your Feedback:  

"Please place links to get to ASU ebooks on your site! Every time I need to find an ebook, I have to go through extensive searches becuase I can't find an easy way to access these books."

"When trying to access ebooks , it is difficult to access them--this is not ASUs fault, but it would be nice if it could be easier."

Our Response:

The members of the Web Services Advisory Board have created a “Find E-books” page to replace the e-book options (E-book Collections and E-book Title Lookup) under the Books, CDs & DVDs quick links on the left side of the ASU Library home page.  The “Find E-books” page (  is modeled after the “Find Articles” page to show users, in the simplest possible way, which resource to use for whatever they are trying to do involving e-books.  It includes a scoped search link to Library One Search that automatically applies the filters necessary to limit the search to e-books. 

Screenshot of Find e-books page

We plan to continue with this trend in the future and create additional "Find" media pages to assist you with specific material type searches.