More direct linking to articles

Your Feedback:  

"It's a huge and complicated job to change the library for the 21st century. You are doing a fine job. The ILL works really well. And, I'm grateful for the assistance in pulling books. This saves me an enormous amount of time. One thing that could be improved is the linking to full-text articles on the web site. At my previous institution, this was easy to do. Here, I sometimes find the links don't work. By this, I mean the link takes me to the journal, not to the article (which I then have to go back to the citation to find out which volume it is in)."

"I really like the website. However, I would like it to be easier to access some articles. I know I tend to click a link for an article and then I have to go through more steps in order to actually get the article. Sometimes the posted links for articles do not actually lead to the article."

"Links to full text articles do not always work. Once one learns the complex pathways, navigating to find articles is very functional."

Our Response:

The Web Services Advisory Board has approved updates to the 360 Link application. We will be making this live starting tomorrow, October 11th, 2014.

360 Link is the application that provides linking capability to full text within our databases through “Get it@ASU” and Summon. The new features enable us to take advantage of Index Enhanced Direct Linking (IEDL) and a new Sidebar Helper frame.  These improvements will provide the most reliable direct access to full text, enable us to maintain a seamless presence in the researcher's workflow, and promote additional resources.

Sidebar Helper Frame

The Sidebar Helper frame enables us to provide the most direct and simple path to full text without giving up opportunities for the library to promote other services or to provide help to users in the event that links fail.

Screenshot of new sidebar with additional options and report a problem links

When 360 Link finds full text availability for the user, the authenticated user is provided with full text rather than going to the old “Get It@ASU” intermediary page, along with the above Sidebar Helper frame on the right side where the user can find other library services or additional full text options if the initial link to full text fails.

We will also be including a link to “Report a Problem” which goes directly to the Library HelpDesk system through Saleforce to be assigned to the correct team within the libraries.

Tammy Allgood Wolf
Web Services Advisory Board Chair
Manager of Discovery Services