Less Clutter

Your Feedback:  

Website is "Very cluttered, please clear a little. Make it less frustrating and intimidating."

"The visual appearance of it is a bit cluttered and the various options to navigate don't readily stand out."

"Reducing clutter is the biggest improvement the site needs. I can't stand looking for books on it because it is a mess."

"Less Cluttered" please!

Our Response:

We have updated the libary catalog with particular attention to decreasing clutter. The old main catalog page is shown directly below.


Our new page, linked to the image below, is streamlined with tabs and displays only the most relevant links.


The new catalog updates not only streamline the catalog display, they also improve accessibility, and add several new features. These improvements include:

  • Did you mean…” spell checking for misspelled searches
  • The ability to text call numbers from record item displays
  • Links to Google Books Preview from item records where previews are available
  • “Cite this Item” which creates a citation in 5 different citation formats without the use of additional reference management software
  • “My lists” which allows logged-in users to create lists and save and manage items within those lists without checking out items
  • Consistent font sizes and layout across different web browsers
  • New updated icons
  • Improved Accessibility: 
    • The icon buttons ensure readability of navigation choices in screen reader software.
    • There is a skip navigation link at the top of each page to jump past the navigation into page content.
    • Pages are constructed with heading tags to create a page hierarchy, so the screen reader's headings list is an effective way to scan page contents.
    • Fewer tables used for layout, and forms with proper label tags throughout the catalog.

Picture of new catalog features, including send via text and cite this item features.