Book location maps in the catalog

Your Feedback:  

"You need a map of the libraries, I get lost in them. At least have it mapped out so we can find the basic area of the book."

"It would be great if a map facility is given, this will help students to find the exact location of a particular book in the library."

Our Response:

Next week, we will be updating the way the location page in the catalog works. You may already be familiar with the page you currently get whenever you click on a location link in the catalog.

The following link,

Link in item records that says, "Music Stacks" under location header

takes you to

Hayden library location table
This all-purpose page lists all the locations and call numbers for every library and every floor. We have seen users struggle with remembering the location they were originally looking for, navigating through the many textual options of this page, and figuring out what this all means to them. Many times, users click out of this page as quickly as possible.

We have now incorporated actual library maps into the location links along with a script that pulls out the call number of the original item and determines which floor and which approximate location the user should be directed to. See below.

Screenshot of map of Hayden library with listed call number and QR code

It also reminds the user of the call number they were looking for and provides a QR code so that users on desktops can scan the page into their phones and take their phones with them up into the stacks. 

Author Search

User testing has also shown us that author searches are seldom conducted the way Sierra requires them to be. Users very rarely use last name first, first name. Therefore, we have created placeholder text in the main author search to show an example for users.

Screen shot of Catalog Search page by Author with "Shakespeare, William" showing in the search box
Catalog Responsive Design

On a related note, we will also be releasing a responsive design of the catalog main search page around the same time frame. The page will not look any different from a desktop, but from a mobile device, it will respond to the size of the device and display functionality accordingly. 

Thank you for your feedback!

Tammy Allgood Wolf
Web Services Advisory Board Chair
Manager of Discovery Services