Suggestion Box: Off campus access to resources for Alumni

Comment/Suggestion:  Give alumni online off-campus access

Library Response:  Thank you for contacting us regarding off-campus access to online resources.  We know this would be a service that many alumni would appreciate, and understand why.  Currently our contracts with our online resource vendors restrict us to providing access to currently enrolled students and currently affiliated faculty and staff.  All alumni, as well as community patrons, are welcome to come to any ASU campus and access resources via the guest wifi (you don't need to be in a library).

That said, we do have some suggestions for accessing online resources.  If you are a resident of the state of Arizona, Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records provides Arizona residents access to many online resources. Your local public library also will provide access to numerous online resources as well.  If you reside near a college or university, you may be able to visit their campus library in person to access their resources.

If you would like assistance identifying options for your research, please use our Ask a Librarian service (chat or email) for personal assistance..