Suggestion Box: Library Account Reading History Enabled

Over the past several months, we've had several requests from ASU library users for the ability to keep track of their check out history on their library accounts.  Here are a couple of the requests:

I was looking for a link that would show me all the books I have checked out and returned over the course of the semester.  If a link exists, I could not find it.  I think this would be very handy for students to review the books we have checked out and returned. 

May I suggest that students be able to see all books they checked out during a semester or academic year? There have been several occasions that this would aid me during my research projects. Especially for graduate students, who may forget they have already looked at a book.

We thought these were great suggestions, and we are happy to share we enabled the ability to remember "reading history" on ASU library accounts.  This feature, however, is something you have to opt-in to activate.  Once the opt-in process is complete, it will let you track what items you've checked out using your ASU library account.

To opt-in:  

  • go to My Library Account and click on the "Reading History" link on the left menu 
  • Click the Opt In button to activate your reading history.

The reading history will begin when new items are checked out, and items currently checked out aren't added to the history.  You can opt out of the service at any point.

Library users are encouraged to regularly monitor their reading history lists, with the understanding that the we cannot recreate the history once deleted.  

Privacy Warning: If you choose to opt-in, the information contained in the history is subject to disclosure pursuant to subpoena, warrant or court order. Please review the Library's confidentiality policy for more information.

Please contact Ask a Librarian with any questions about this new feature.  We're happy to help you make the most of the services we provide.