Suggestion Box: Armstrong Hall Study Areas

Comment / Suggestion:  Hi, I saw a sign at Armstrong Hall indicating the study areas are part of the library. Why aren't there designated quiet study areas? I really think there should be, come finals in a couple of weeks. I would like this since sometimes I will walk into a room and it will be nice and quiet and then a group of people walk in, sit down, and are the loudest ones in the room and it is not like they're being courteous to the people already there; They're being loud and obnoxious.

Library Response:  Thanks for contacting us with your concerns about Armstrong Hall study space.  This study space was created specifically to add seating for students during the renovation of Hayden Library.  It's a shared space, and the library only manages it in the evening.  During the day, there isn't dedicated staff in the building to help support specific zoning of any of the study rooms as quiet or silent.  So we didn't want to create a situation where you can expect one thing in the evening but would have a different experience in the day time.  

When you know you need silent study space, we do have a great alternative to Armstrong:  Noble Library.  Noble has 54 individual study rooms and one large silent study room and is open 24 hours a day. 

In the fall semester, we will have additional study space again in Hayden, as one of the renovated floors will be open in August.  This will have a lot of seating, and will lessen the stress on Armstrong and Noble.