Public Computers: Web Site Access

Comment/Suggestion:  I'm a former student who now uses ASU libraries online access and does research here. My concern is regarding blocking of websites online. I understand the reasons why ASU would want to restrict online access and block some kinds of sites, but the process sometimes seems arbitrary and contradictory. The immediate problem I'm having is that I want to participate in National Novel Writer's Month. This is an activity that has received [ublicity across ASU Web, including a press release on ASU News Now that was picked up by multiple ASU departments. Virginia Piper Writing Center has in the past offered a workshop tied to NaNoWriMo. Additionally. while the program's main website is blocked ( an affiliated site, ( is not blocked. The two sites are sponsored by the same organization and the only difference is that the blocked site is for an activity in November and the unblocked site is for an activity in April.

Is there a process to appeal restricted access and have the site unblocked in time for the November activity this year? Thanks.

Library response:  Thank you for contacting us about your need to access this web site.  Our systems staff have unblocked it, and it should now be accessbile from all public access computers.  In the future, if you speak with someone at the Information Desk, they can submit your request to have something unblocked on your behalf. 

Good luck with NaNoWriMo!