Noise in Noble Library During Finals

Comment/Suggestion: The library is no longer a quiet place to read or study. Noble Library “quiet” areas are teeming with noisy groups who could be occupying other areas like the MU where noise is expected. I had to cover my ears while browsing the stacks today to drown the noise and be able to concentrate. The “walk only” zones are enforced on campus sidewalks; why are the “quiet zones” not enforced in libraries? If there is no place to get a quiet moment at the library, then where on campus can one do so? It is not viable to ask that patrons ask other patrons to keep the noise down. Library staff should do the job of controlling the noise levels. After all, the signs are there to be enforced.

Library Response:  Thank you for sharing your feedback about your experience in Noble Library.  I'm sorry that you weren't able to comfortably browse the stacks in an environment you expected.  We have zoned the library so that the stacks should be in quiet zones, and if we know that there is disruptive behavior going on, we are happy to kindly ask library customers to respect the quiet zone, or move to a group study zone.  Please alert us at the Information Desk on level one that intervention is needed.

That said, we also understand that the library is much busier and louder during finals week.  Students are very stressed and tired.  They are often working on group projects or studying for exams together, and therefore the demand for the collaborative spaces exceed the supply.  We try to be understanding of everyone's needs, and know that come Friday of finals week, the library will be back to its normal, expectedly quiet environment.