Lighting in the Libraries

Comment/Suggestion: The ceilings in Noble and Hayden are really low and because of that, the lighting is way too bright for effective studying. I recommend that the bulbs be replaced with less lumens or to install some type of dimmer that'll adjust the light to a more comfortable setting. Students that study in the evenings/nights are getting eye strain from having to squint from how obnoxious the flourescent bulbs tend to be. It glares off the white tables and it feels like we're inside of a giant grocery store that's filled with tables and red eyed students. Overall, they're terribly outdated and they distract us from being able to focus.

Library Response:  Thank you so much for this constructive feedback about the lighting in Hayden and Noble Libraries.  Our goal is to create an environment in our libraries that is optimally conducive for productivity and comfort.  We are in the process of determining the post-renovation Hayden Library lighting, and are being mindful of the needs of different kinds of work in teh building, but will also be in touch with university facilities to see what we can do right away in the libraries we have.  It's too late for this semester (spring 2018), but we will try to improve it for the future.