Library Search System Unreliability

Comment/Suggestion:  I'm not sure what is up with the ASU library database and website, but it has been consistently slow, glitchy, riddled with error messages, and crashes quite frequently for me (and my fellow classmates in Tucson). This has gone on for the majority of the last two years in my graduate studies, and has negatively affected my ability to conduct research. For the amount of money that students invest in our education at ASU, we expect better. I've attended 4 major universities in my life (and this is my 4th degree), and this website functions the worst by far. I'm graduating in May, but I sincerely hope you can address this issue for future students!

Library Response:  We know that it has been a difficult time since we transitioned to our new library system last summer and we are sorry for that.  It has not performed up to our standards, and we know we are not meeting our goal of ensuring students, faculty and other researchers reliable access to our information resources. We have been working with our data and metadata to improve the system performance, and ahve been working with our vendor to improve the system.  We have worked out a lot of the glitches, but know that we have more work to do.  We are optimistic that soon we will not only have reliable access to resources, but that we will be able to develop new and innovative tools to enhance the research experience.