Fletcher Library: Quiet Study Areas

Comment/Suggestion:  I've noticed throughout the past year that you have been reducing the study areas in the third floor, and it's truly unwelcoming. I've noticed that you have replaced a large portion of the third floor study space with many unnecessary new library shelving's/books/files etc. There has always been enough books available at the library, but you have decided to infest the 3rd floor study area with these futile books/files etc. In addition, the third floor quiet study area has now been eliminated and transformed to the "Labriola National American Indian Data Center and Distinctive Collections", which contains "more books" and is only open for a few hours. It would be greatly appreciated if you can bring back the large quiet study area in the third floor by removing the "Labriola National American Indian Data Center" somewhere else. It has been very difficult for myself to find a decent quiet place to study at in Fletcher Library ever since you have removed the 3rd floor quiet study area.
-Thank you

Library Response:  Thank you for taking time to provide feedback on your experience studying in Fletcher Library.  We are very sorry you are having difficulty finding a quiet place to study when you need it.  It is true that we have had to make some changes to the library, most notably to accomodate materials that were temporarily relocated to Fletcher during the Hayden Library renovation.  For example, the Labriola Center will be returning to Hayden Library in 2020 when the renovation is complete.  In the meantime, it is providing an essential service for students and other researchers to access this unique research collection focusing on indigenous communities in the southwest.  

One option you have for quiet study, is to utilize the classroom on the first floor (room 101), which is open for silent study when not in use by classes.  In addition, there are many tables, chairs with privacy screens and desks surrounding the stacks on the 2nd and 3rd floor, which are also in quiet areas.  We are also evaluating our current shelving units on the 2nd floor to see if we can make adjustments and add more seating.  We hope that will help provide the study space that is needed by the students on the West campus.