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Mar 06, 2007 ·

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For the next few weeks The Library Channel presents a special three-part video series from FORO 2007: The Transborder Library Forum held this year at Arizona State University.

Part 1: Janice R. Lachance, Special Libraries Association CEO, a member of the US delegation to the World Summit on the Information Society 2005 and the UN Internet Governance Forum 2006, discusses her role with the SLA and the role technology and the Internet play in a global library network.

FORO began in 1989 at a local Arizona library conference where librarians from United States and Mexico discussed the need to create a network where they could meet and discuss issues of common interest while exchanging information and resources across borders.

The theme for this years conference is, “Bridging the Digital Divide-Crossing All Borders.” Each episode includes one of the three keynote speeches which address how libraries can facilitate access and exchange of information, resources, and culture through technology, “… crossing all borders.”

For more information please visit:

Library Channel Episode 36

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Three military branches in one family

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Curator Karrie Porter Brace join us again to talk with Fred about an exhibit focusing on Arizona’s support of American Troops in foreign conflicts from the Spanish American War through today’s deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The exhibit draws from photographs, manuscripts, ephemera and archives of the ASU Hayden Library’s Archives and Special Collections. Featured are images and sabers of the Territorial Normal School Cadet Corps; World War I doughboys and World War II service men and women; Goodyear Airships from Litchfield Park; and cotton and copper samples along with images of home front industry here in Arizona.

Arizona on the Home Front will be on display in the the Luhrs Gallery and Reading Room on the 4th floor of Hayden Library, ASU Tempe Campus January 15 through May 15, 2007.

For more information see this related article.

Episode 35

Feb 06, 2007 · Podcasts

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FORO 2007 Logo.

Fred and Mimmo welcome Jeanette Mueller-Alexander and Rosa Gonzalez to the show to discuss the upcoming FORO 2007, held this year on the ASU Tempe campus. The 2007 Transborder Library Forum / FORO Transfronterizo de Bibliotecas cultivates a venue for the cooperative exchange of ideas, and the discussion of experiences and efforts concerning the provision of library services in the border regions between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Rosa and Jenny will answer questions about FORO and discuss its history, how it operates, programs offered, the role of the U.S. Embassy, the interest of the international community, bilingual presentations, and more.

The 2007 FORO theme Bridging the Digital Divide: Crossing All Borders challenges us to explore and celebrate the ways in which information professionals in our border regions can further cooperate and solve common problems related to our digital information world with topics relating to:

  • Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Information and Indigenous Peoples; & culture preservation; Technology & information in remote areas, etc.
  • Librarians: Professional Education and Preparation under NAFTA.

To find out more about FORO 2007 go to the official website and this related article about the event.

Hosts: Fred McIlvain and Mimmo Bonanni

Guests: Jeanette Mueller-Alexander and Rosa Gonzalez 

Episode 34

© 2007 Arizona Board of Regents

Jan 18, 2007 · Podcasts history, publishing, exhibits

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Gary Keller episode image Tempe campus, Latin American & Iberian Studies Librarian Claude Potts joins Fred to interview Regents’ Professor Dr. Gary Keller the Director of the Hispanic Research Center about the internationally renowned Bilingual Review Press (BRP). Dr. Keller is a writer, educator, publisher, and art collector who mentors graduate students in the area of Chicano Studies at Arizona State. He is the author of numerous works regarding Mexican-American and Latino art, film, literature, linguistics, and language policy.

In addition to the BRP, Claude and Gary discuss the concept of code-switching, independent publishing, social/noble bandits, centenial of the Mexican Revolution, U.S. Latina/o Literature in Spanish, the Transborder Library Forum, and the art collections of both Dr. Keller and Mexican American actor Cheech Marin.

The exhibit Publishing on the Borders: 30 Years of Latina/o Publishing by the Bilingual Review Press showcases a broad selection of books published by and artwork commissioned by the Bilingual Review Press which publishes literary works, scholarship, and art books by or about U.S. Hispanics. The exhibit coincides with ASU Libraries’ hosting of the 2007 Transborder Library Forum/FORO Transfronterizo de Bibliotecas from February 20-24, 2007 on the Tempe campus.

Host: Fred McIlvain Guests Claud Potts Gary Keller

Episode 33

© 2007 Arizona Board of Regents

Jan 09, 2007 · Podcasts services

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As students donned their graduation caps and boarded trains, planes and automobiles to join their families for the winter break, four librarians representing each of ASU’s major campuses joined Fred to celebrate and reflect on the close of the Fall 2006 Semester.

Steven Pelphrey starts the discussion talking about the opening of the Downtown campus library and how the former bank vault was incorporated into a library classroom and reading area. He also talks about the successful move of the collection and the excitement of opening a brand new library in a downtown, urban environment.

Ellen Welty talks about the rewards and challenges of sharing space with the University College departments at the Polytechnic campus library where students have a unique opportunity for advising, tutoring, technology and library support all in one location. She also talks about the “Porcelain Press” a unique newsletter at the library.

Tammy Allgood provides updates at the West campus library including a new Starbucks inside the library, the growth of the collection, a service for handling copyright requests for digital reserves, a new high-tech classroom, online account access that all the campuses’ community card users have benefited from, and a new video game to be used as a teaching tool created by the library.

Jennifer Duvernay discusses changes at the Tempe campus’s Hayden and Noble libraries including the successful implementation of new study zones, plans to facilitate student technology needs, increase space for tutoring and study groups, and new services and initiatives for students.

Other topics included:

What is unique about each library;

Fred McIlvain

Steven Pelphrey - Library Supervisor - Downtown campus;
Ellen Welty - Reference and Instruction Librarian- Polytechnic campus;
Tammy Allgood - Digital Delivery and Design Librarian - West campus;
Jennifer Duvernay - Instruction Marketing and Outreach- Tempe campus

Episode 32
Running Time: 41:14

© 2007 Arizona Board of Regents

Nov 22, 2006 · Podcasts

A picture with the words Native Voices.

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Fred interviews Joyce Martin, Acting Curator of the Labriola National American Indian Data Center about a special, new handmade book, Cherokee Phoenix, Advent of a Newspaper: the Print Shop of the Cherokee Nation 1828-1834 by Frank Brannon. The book focuses on the technical aspects and history of the newspaper and Cherokee printing. They will also discuss printed examples of the Cherokee syllabary and other Cherokee materials including language videos, coloring books, bibles, and popular comic books written in Cherokee and English. We will also learn about other native language materials, when Native American languages began to be written, a project to preserve and provide access to endangered language materials, and a traveling exhibit in the works for spring 2007. The entire run of the Cherokee Phoenix is available on microfilm in the Labriola Center.

You can read more about this new addition in the Labriola Fall 2006 Newsletter [PDF] and visit the Labriola National American Indian Data Center on the web for more information. Host: Guest: Episode 31 © 2006 Arizona Board of Regents

Nov 16, 2006 · Podcasts

A picture promoting the 'What is Sacred?' Exhibit.

Download A Sense of the Sacred (MP3)

​Curator Karrie Porter Brace talks with Fred about a new exhibit at ASU libraries that asks the question, “What is Sacred?” The exhibition runs through December 5, 2006 in the Luhrs Gallery and Labriola National American Indian Data Center at Hayden Library, Tempe campus. A Sense of the Sacred includes resources pertaining to sacred texts, historic Southwestern places of worship, cross cultural attitudes and beliefs. The materials on display are from the Hayden Library including images, artifacts, rare books and manuscripts from the Archives and Special Collections. Native American themes are specifically addressed through a related exhibit in the Labriola Center.

For more information please visit the A Sense of the Sacred news page.

Host: Fred McIlvain

Guest:Karrie Porter Brace

Episode 30

Running Time: 15:22

© 2006 Arizona Board of Regents

Nov 09, 2006 · Podcasts

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Episode LogoThis time of year you may be running up against some tight deadlines. Maybe you have a research paper to write and you need to do some last minute research. Don’t Panic! We are going to talk about some great resources to help students get their research completed.

Tammy Allgood, Jennifer Duvernay, and Mimmo Bonanni discuss easy to use resources to assist students with last minute research.

Topics include:

Google Scholar - scholarly journals Academic Search Premier -scholarly journals Nexis Uni - newspaper articles Opposing View Points - NEW to ASU Libraries Polling the Nations - national, state, local, and secials polling database Ask a Librarian - ASU Libraries help page

Episode 29

Nov 02, 2006 · Podcasts

A picture advertising a Podcast Interview with Dr. Christine Marin.

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The Library Channel is pleased to welcome Dr. Christine Marín to the show. Dr. Marín is among the “founders” of ASU’s prestigious Chicana/Chicano Studies Department.

Mark Scott and Mimmo Bonanni join Christine to discuss her unique history that is tied to the ASU Community. They discuss her journey from the working class mining towns of Globe/Miami to ASU. Christine talks about the political movements of the sixties and seventies, the Mexican American Student Organization (MASO), and explains the origin of the term “Chicano.” She also discusses how a generation of Americans overcame adversity and met challenges to see their dreams become manifest in their children.

Over the past few decades, Christine has helped to create a nationally renowned and valuable archival collection on Mexican American life in Arizona and the southwest. Dr. Marín discusses the history and the development of this Chicana/o Research Collection which is located in Archives and Special Collections in ASU Libraries. She has taught courses on the history of Mexican Americans and Latinos for the Departments of History, Chicano & Chicana Studies, and Women’s Studies. Her journal articles & book reviews reflect her knowledge & expertise in various themes in 20th century Mexican American history. The ASU Chicano/Chicana Faculty & Staff Association has named an award in her honor (The Christine Marin Staff Award), which is given yearly to a Chicano or Chicano faculty or staff member for their outstanding service to ASU students.

For more information on the Chicana/Chicano Collection please visit the following pages:

ASU Chicano Research Collection ASU Chicana and Chicano Studies Departmet

A photograph of Dr. Christine Marin.
Guest Dr. Christine Marin

Hosts: Mark Scott and Mimmo Bonanni Episode 28 Running Time: 27:54

Oct 26, 2006 · Podcasts

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Copyright in the Academic Environment

Topics of discussion include:

  • What is copyright?
  • Explanation and examples of originality and fixation
  • Ownership and exceptions that effect faculty
  • How long does a copyright last?
  • What is Registration?
  • Educational use of materials

For more information please visit the ASU Scholarly Communication page and the The U.S. Copyright Office.



Episode 27