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Tell us the books that matter to you

What are some of the books that have influenced your growth and development, or challenged you to think in new ways?

'Required Reading' is an open stack community curation project to feature the stories of ASU students and encourage new interactions with library collections.

Send us your top 10-20 list of meaningful books and tell us why they are significant. If your collection is selected as a winner, ASU Library will acquire all the titles you listed and showcase the collection at one of our libraries.

Please submit a written statement for your collection (250-500 words) and select one of the four categories below that best describes it:

  • Books that make you YOU at ASU
  • The Sun Devil must-read books for a better future
  • Freshman Challenge: 21 books for the Class of 2021
  • My state of mind: Arizona and the Southwest

Submit your collection online:

Deadline to submit is November 30

All submissions must be complete to be judged. Submissions will be judged based on the quality of the statement and the collection.