March Mammal Madness: Who will win?

March Mammal Madness, an annual tournament in its fifth year, has just released their 2017 bracket.

Headed by Katie Hinde, an associate professor in ASU’s School of Human Evolution and Social Change and the Center for Evolution and Medicine, March Mammal Madness is a tournament based around scientific predictions regarding the outcomes of animal encounters.

Factors like environment, illness, physiology and metabolism all contribute to predict the outcome of an encounter, with an element of randomness thrown in. Just like in real life, the unexpected can occur.

With the brackets now released for the 2017 games, players have exactly 7 days to make their selections before the Wild Card Bout on Monday, March 6. There are 64 animals in four divisions, competing for this year's championship. These animals are joining a company of legendary past winners: last year’s Tundra Wolf, 2015’s Sumatran Rhinoceros, 2014’s Hyena Clan, and the Elephant in 2013.

In an effort to help students find free and reliable sources of information to help research their brackets, ASU Library has created a special guide to March Mammal Madness. Here you can find information about how to play, links to curated resources to help pick your winners, information about ASU research and researchers who are involved with the tournament, and highlights from each year of the tournament.

You can also get this year’s bracket and get started!

Each year, Hinde creates the brackets to spur thinking about which animal would win based on science. This year, more than 200 educators are using the tournament as a fun way to get their students engaged in doing real research on the animals in the tournament and making informed choices in their brackets.

There are a few ways to follow the action:

  1. Live on Twitter: Follow #2017MMM or @2017MMMletsgo - a curated twitter account that only includes bout tweets, not spectator trash talk.
  2. Archived Storify at Mammals Suck...Milk daily after each match.
  3. March Mammal Madness Facebook Page