New Exhibit in Luhrs Gallery Highlights Arizona Agriculture

"Locally Grown" exhibit posterExhibit:  Locally Grown: An overview of agriculture as seen through the holdings of ASU Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

Location:  Luhrs Gallery, Hayden Library, Level 4

Available:  Through summer 2015, during normal library hours

Description:  Sustainable living teaches us that eating locally grown foods is good for us and our environment. Central Arizona, to those unfamiliar, seems too hot and harsh for agriculture. But for over 2000 years people have used irrigation and sustainable practices to raise a variety of crops, supporting a surprisingly large number of people in the long history of the Valley of the Sun. Drawn primarily from the McCulloch Brothers and the Herbert and Dorothy McLaughlin photograph collections, these images tell the story of agriculture in Arizona. Beginning with the ancient Hohokam Canals, the maps, text, and images show the valley greening with the 19th century irrigation projects, the enticement of farmers and ranchers to the Southwest, and the history of citrus, cotton, cattle, sheep, ostriches, and jojoba.