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Highly used science books to remain at Noble Library

ASU Library has entered a lively phase of its reinvention, with many books, collections and materials in transit as Hayden Library prepares to undergo a major renovation, slated for 2018-2020.

While all libraries will be impacted, students, faculty and staff can expect to see the most disruptions at Hayden Library and Noble Library on the Tempe campus.

Science books identified as low-use are leaving Noble Library, while other highly used science books will remain at Noble in their new location on the second floor in the eastern-most section of compact shelving.

All science books that are leaving Noble Library, to make space for new materials coming from Hayden, will be accessible from ASU Library's high density collection (HDC). A significant portion of these materials will be available immediately for request.

Items that may appear as "unavailable" via our online library One Search can still be requested through our Interlibrary Loan service.

For help locating or requesting materials:

  • Ask A Librarian can help get you the materials you need. 
  • Library staff at the reference desk can give you information about your requested items. 
  • ASU librarians are happy to work with you to find the resources you need. 

Plans to redesign Hayden Library include adding multiple points of access, with greater indoor-outdoor connection; dedicating space for community gatherings; breaking the library up thematically to better facilitate navigation and research discovery; featuring and enhancing special collections; and building a smaller, highly curated academic print collection that draws from the library's 4.5 million volumes.