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Hayden Renovation: What You Need to Know

Preparations for the Hayden Library renovation are currently underway. Here's what you need to know. (In addition, read the ASU Now article: 50 years in, Hayden Library plans a remake.)






What is ASU doing with Hayden Library?

The 1966 above-ground tower building will be completely closed and completely renovated over a two-year period. The underground levels added in 1989 will remain open and usable during the renovation.

How long will Hayden tower be under renovation?

Preparations for the Hayden renovation are currently underway, with construction scheduled to begin in late 2017 with completion slated for fall 2019.

How will the library function during the renovation? Will services be interrupted?

Library services will continue to function as normal with as little disruption as possible. The underground area of Hayden will remain open and usable during the renovation. All our other facilities (Noble, Music, Arts+Design, Downtown, Thunderbird, West, and Poly) will remain open and welcoming. Delivery of print materials across the system will be made faster and easier.

Will Hayden space still be available as for students during the renovation?

The two underground levels entered from the lower level plaza will remain open. Additional study space will be made available elsewhere on the Tempe campus.

What about the books? I heard they are going away.

The books are all staying at ASU. Hayden will be emptied for the renovation, but a large number will be moved to Noble Library and some will be moved to a high-density storage facility at the Polytechnic campus, where they will remain accessible to the ASU community through expedited delivery options similar to the Amazon Prime service. The re-opened Hayden tower will have fewer books than it does now, but improved access and usability.

The books that will remain on campus have been highly selected and targeted with consideration for research and curriculum needs of faculty and students. Books housed in our high-density facility will be available for recall on an accelerated next-day basis. We are also doing a significant upgrade to our online catalog to make it easier to find electronic and print materials that users need.

What changes can I expect to see after the renovation is complete?

The renovation of Hayden Library will result in a more welcoming, inspiring and engaging place to be. The new Hayden will be a showcase, showplace and showroom for the New American University.

Guiding principles of the renovation include: 1) maximizing and enhancing space for students to study, connect, collaborate, learn and make; 2) elevating visibility of library collections (especially archives and special collections), resources and experts; 3) improving overall accessibility, navigation and discovery through user-friendly design, multiple entrances on the main level mall and thematically organized neighborhoods within the library; and 4) strengthening community engagement and partnerships through curated exhibits, makerspaces and high-tech geospatial data centers.  (The current main entrance on the lower level will remain open, but public doors will also be opened on the main tower.)

Is there someone I can talk to about the renovation?

Yes. Any concerns or suggestions you may have about the renovation and plans for Hayden’s future can be forwarded to University Librarian Jim O’Donnell at He will respond personally to every message and hopes to receive many.