Fair Use Week 2017

Join ASU Library in celebrating Fair Use Week, a dedicated time to promote and discuss the opportunities fair use gives us in our daily activities. 

Fair use is probably the most powerful component of U.S. Copyright law, and the most misunderstood.

Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act describes fair use as a limitation on the exclusive rights of copyright holders for purposes such as "criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship or research."

Fair use is often referred to as the breathing space for free speech, free inquiry and the open exchange of ideas in copyright law. The U.S. Supreme Court has explicitly recognized this as a "First Amendment safeguard." It's what allows us to include quotations from published sources in our scholarship, share YouTube videos with our friends on Facebook, record episodes on our DVR and read interesting fan fiction.

In fact, we rely on fair use all the time, as you will see in this infographic, which highlights typical activities that incorporate fair use all in the day in the life of a college student. 

A solid undersetanding of fair use is also critical to the work we do here at ASU – everything from designing relevant and engaging courses and instructional materials to creating a remix video for an assignment, to digitizing and sharing special collections in the ASU Digital Repository.

To learn more about fair use, visit and follow along with social media using hashtag #fairuseweek.